About us

About us


The Churchill Fellowship is a national network of 4,000 dynamic individuals who are inspiring change in every part of UK life.

They may be a nurse promoting mental health in the NHS, a scientist monitoring pollution in the oceans, or a community leader training young entrepreneurs, but they are all united by a common mission: to develop new solutions for today’s key challenges, based on learning from the world.

Churchill Fellow David Stanley on stage at the London Palladium with his disabled students
David Stanley (CF 2019) (left) explored accessible music education for the learning disabled Download 'About us_David Stanley.jpg'
"What is the use of living, if it not be to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?” - Sir Winston Churchill

Learning from the world

Churchill Fellows discover new ideas around the world and develop new approaches to current challenges.

Fellows are funded to discover the latest innovations and best practice in any practical issue they care passionately about, anywhere in the world. They meet leading practitioners, engage with cutting-edge projects and create a report on their findings. Then we support them to share insights with communities and sectors across the UK and turn their ideas into action.

The topics they explore cover every aspect of society and are often informed by their own lived experience. We can respond to each Fellow’s vision for change, because we are led by their experience and insight and because we support each Fellow individually.

Many Fellows say that their Fellowship was life-changing, for themselves and for those who benefit from their global learning.

Open to all

The Fellowship covers every area of society and reflects the life of the nation.

Every UK citizen (over 18) can apply, regardless of their qualifications, background, professional experience or age. We fund individuals not organisations and we look for future potential not present status. We prioritise people who would not receive funding from other sources.

Every aspect of modern life is covered by our universal themes for Fellowships, from the arts to health, education to enterprise, science to citizenship and more. Within these, we develop new Fellowship programmes every few years that respond to topical issues or emerging challenges such as climate change or suicide prevention.

A community of changemakers

Our unique approach has created a community of highly effective changemakers working on the frontlines of today’s key issues.

These are dedicated and practical individuals with a strong vision of the change they want to see, the knowledge to progress it and the drive to make it happen. As a result, Fellows' impact is felt throughout the UK and many go on to be leaders in their fields.

Every year we appoint over 100 new Fellows. They are closely supported by our small staff team, with a tailored programme of funding, knowledge-sharing and outreach nationwide. They are also assisted by our Advisory Council of distinguished specialists in their fields, who help us to identify new trends, select new Fellows and promote Fellows’ recommendations and activities.

Today we are funded from public donations, the return on investments made possible by those donations and grants from partner charities. We are guided by our Board of Trustees, who are leaders in many sectors of society. Both the Board and the Council include Fellows among their members.

The living legacy of Sir Winston Churchill

The Fellowship was created as the living legacy of Sir Winston Churchill for the nation, aiming to honour his memory by reflecting his unique contribution to national life.

Sir Winston addressing the crowds in Whitehall on VE Day 1945 Download ''
Sir Winston was not only a global public figure but also an enthusiast for a huge range of interests, a breadth reflected in the Fellowship today Download ''

Conceived with Sir Winston's approval, the Fellowship was launched on his death in 1965 and funded by an outpouring of public donations from across the country. In keeping with Sir Winston’s own spirit, it encourages UK citizens with passion and potential to be curious about the world, to explore new ideas and insights overseas, and to use those experiences to create change in every part of society.

Since 1965, 5,800 Churchill Fellows have been appointed to travel the world in his name and provide his living memorial.

Originally founded as the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, in 2021 we adopted ‘The Churchill Fellowship’ as our operating name. This acknowledges the remarkable community of Fellows alongside the inspiring figure whose achievements we celebrate.

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