Exploration and adventure

Exploration and adventure

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This theme covers topics relating to exploration and adventure. It is one of our past programmes for Fellowships.

Fellows' updates June 2023 Fellow's update: Kathy Hall

Self-employed teacher, presenter and promoter of Chinese opera, Kathy Hall (CF 2004) focused her Fellowship on Kunqu opera, so that she could further her Kunqu performance skills in Hangzhou, China. Kathy was invited by the British Museum to perform an excerpt from the Peking Opera, The Imperial Concubine Intoxicated -The Hundred Flowers Pavilion on June 9 2023 at the close of the 2-day Conference: China's 1800s -Material and Visual Culture. In the same evening, Kathy performed an excerpt from the Kunqu Opera, The Palace of Eternal Youth - the Intimate Feast. This was an informative comparison and contrast between the two major Chinese Opera genres in music, singing, and movements.

By Kathy Hall, 2023

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