Introducing Our 2024 Churchill Fellows

Introducing Our 2024 Churchill Fellows

We are thrilled to announce our 2024 Churchill Fellows! 134 extraordinary individuals from across the UK will explore global innovations to inspire change at home.

Our selected Fellows for 2024 have shown incredible passion, drive, and commitment to ideas that could profoundly impact our society. These inspiring individuals will travel across the world, from Ghana to Switzerland to Japan to Brazil, immersing themselves in cutting-edge practices and forging valuable international connections.

By engaging with leading experts in their respective fields, in person and/or online, our Fellows will discover new and best approaches to address pressing challenges. This global exchange of knowledge and ideas will fuel their ability to spark meaningful change back home in the UK.

We're excited to support these changemakers on their quest for innovation and insight as they strive to translate their international experiences into tangible, transformative solutions for their communities.

Everyone can apply for a Churchill Fellowship, regardless of age, background or qualifications, as long as they are a UK citizen aged 18 or over. Applications for 2025 Fellowships open on 4 September 2024.

Meet our new Fellows by exploring our Fellows' Directory.

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