Impact on Fellows' lives

Impact on Fellows' lives

Impact on Fellows' lives


Fellows tell us that the impact of a Fellowship on their lives and careers is profound and long-lasting.

Lois Mansfield in the Lake District
Lois Mansfield (CF 2019) researched rural development for communities with high cultural capital Download 'Our Impact_Impact of Fs lives_Lois Mansfield.jpg'

In a 2021 survey of Fellows, 88% told us that their Fellowship was a life-changing experience and 84% said that its positive impact would continue throughout their lives and careers.

These effects were both personal and professional. On a personal level, around 87% said they had become more confident, ambitious and fulfilled. Professionally, they were more respected, knowledgeable and internationally connected. As a result of their Fellowship, 61% were now leaders in their sectors and 87% had influenced others.

They were now able to influence senior management at their workplace (77%), policy-makers (57%), regulators and umbrella bodies (25%) and the UK government (37%). Some 18% had set up a new organisation relating to their Fellowship project, 25% had launched a new service and 38% had created a pilot at their workplace.

Many Fellows tell us about the increase in confidence and status that a Fellowship brings. Being a Fellow opened doors for them, overseas and at home, while their global knowledge and contacts showed them new and successful ways to approach their work.

In our survey, 100% of Fellows said they would recommend a Fellowship to others.

Here are three stories about the impact on Fellows' lives:

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