What is a Fellowship?

What is a Fellowship?


A Fellowship is a once in a lifetime opportunity to lead the change you wish to see.

We will re-open for Fellowship applications on 4 September 2024.

Tai Frater talking to a group of women
Tai Frater (CF 2019, centre) researched parent coaching in occupational therapy Download 'Become a Fellow_What is a Fellowship_Tai Frater.jpg'

We will fund you to spend up to two months discovering new ideas and best practice among leading practitioners anywhere in the world. You can do this in person or online. Then we will help you to write up your ideas as a Report published on our website, to share your insights with your community or sector, and to turn your ideas into action in the UK.

The initial grant covers all expenses for your research phase, including all travel costs. If needed, it also covers interpreters and travel assistants.

The topic you explore is defined by you. It must meet our eligibility criteria, which include offering a practical benefit to UK society. Success will be assessed within your own terms, and may be local or national.

The success of your application for a Fellowship is not affected by your qualifications, background or age. We ask only that you are a UK resident citizen aged 18 or over. We are looking for people with the potential to inspire change.

The support we offer extends beyond the initial grant:

  • We offer advice and assistance with planning your research and travels, writing up your findings, sharing your knowledge and implementing your ideas.
  • We promote your ideas and activities on our website and social media channels.
  • We plug you in to our online Fellows’ networks which offer local and thematic contacts and collaborations.
  • We offer post-research grants for your knowledge-sharing and events.
  • We maintain contact for as long as you like, and include all Fellows within our community.

Many Fellows start their projects at a local level, in their workplace or locality, and then grow its influence, perhaps to regional or sector level. Some find themselves affecting national levels of policy or services. Almost all say that the Fellowship took them to places and levels they had not expected. In a recent survey, 100% of Fellows said they would recommend a Fellowship to others.

Crucial to this process is the personal and professional growth that comes from a Fellowship. You have an opportunity to take time out of normal life, for learning and thinking. You will be learning in a topic you care about, from leading practitioners you have chosen, anywhere in the world. You will have the status of being a Churchill Fellow, which opens doors overseas and at home. Many Fellows tell us that their ideas were not taken seriously until they became a Fellow, when their voice was fully heard.

Fellows report that these effects are long-lasting. Our survey showed that – as a result of their Fellowship – 77% of Fellows remain globally connected, 61% are leaders in their sector and 77% feel they are more fulfilled professionally. Some 88% said it was a life-changing experience.

You can read about the impact that Fellows make here, and about the impact on a Fellow's own life here.

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